library of things

Library of Things

Library of Things

Library of Things  **NEW**

Port Hope Public Library is looking for donations of items that we can lend out free-of-charge to people in the community. See the list below for suggestions of items that you may need once in a blue moon and don’t want to purchase. If you want to check if the Library would like a particular item, or if it is not on the list, please contact Lisa O’Leary

Please drop off items, clean and in excellent repair, at the Mary J Benson Branch any weekday, Monday thru Friday, during the month of May.

Blender                         Bundt pan

Hand mixer                    popcorn maker

Food processor           waffle maker

Stand mixer                  trifle bowl

Coffee urn (large)       spring form pans

Food hydrator             pasta maker

Rice cooker                le Creuset cookware/pot

Crock pot                   snow cone maker

Insta pot                      large cooler

Roasting pans            ice cream maker

Mandolin slicer          crepe pan

Punch bowl                juicer

Griddle                       allen key set

Keyboard                   ratchet set

electric drill corded and or battery                screwdriver set