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Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library

November 2022 Fundraisers


Friends of Port Hope Public Library

Port Hope Public Library Board invites the community to be part of a Friends of the Library group. The group has an executive and meets monthly - everyone is welcome. Meeting dates can be found on the Events Calendar or please ask Library staff. Come out to learn all about how Friends support libraries through advocacy, building awareness, fundraising, volunteering and program support. For more information about the Friends or to express an interest in joining our Friends fill in this form and email it to Margaret Scott, CEO.

FOL 2021 Annual General Meeting Notes

Friends of the Library update March 2021

It seems rather amazing that such a period of time has passed since we all last met together! Of course for obvious reasons.

The AGM was held recently via Zoom, and we thought sending a direct update to all of you is necessary.
Several activities did transpire this fall:
Our fundraising coordinator, Chris Winthrow, organized a silent auction for a live edge table, working with the library. Over $300 were donated to the library to buy a mobile book display for family resources in the children's area.
Several of you have volunteered as greeters to assist the library through the transitional re-opening phase. In fact, if any of you are interested in volunteering, I am sure the library would welcome your support. Please contact Ed Greenwood or call 905 885 4712 for detailed information. 
The executive has 2 positions open;  Vice Chair and Secretary.  Susan Abell and Elizabeth Manary, both of whom contributed greatly to the organization, have left us. If you are interested, please contact Bruce Bowden or myself, or if you know of someone who would love to contribute to FOL by joining the executive, it would be much appreciated.

With the advent of spring, a gardening workshop is being discussed.
Of the utmost importance, ideas and input on how to increase our membership and reach in the community are very welcome!
Spring is on its way, and we will meet again soon!
Your Executive