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Take a Series Journey 

Get invested in a great book series; journey with amazing characters as they have adventures, face obstacles, or solve crimes…book after book! 

I am a serious “series” fan when it comes to books and even movies. For me, it is the growth of the characters and being able to continue with them, story after story.  It is quite rare for me to covet a one-off book from an author.  Sure, I’ve enjoyed many, but when an author creates a set of characters that I connect with, the last thing I want to do is stop reading about them after just one book. 

For me, there are a couple of different types of book series where you can fall in love (or hate) with a set group of characters.  

There are the books where the characters are the same, for the most part, but each book they have a different adventure, or it focuses on a different character and the books don’t necessarily need to be read in order.  

We have many of these types of series in our Early Chapter Series collection in the Children’s area, such as the Magic Tree House, or adult titles, like J.D. Robb’s In Death series (which is a real favourite of mine and highly recommended).  

Another type of book series is a progressive one. Not an official term, but I find it fits; let me explain more. 

A progressive series, to me, is one where there is an overarching storyline throughout all the books in the series, not just ongoing character development; each book does have its own subplot that only exists in that book but there is the main plot that persists throughout. These types of series are my favourite, but they can be truly an investment in time and sometimes emotion. 

The best children’s example of this is Harry Potter. The story of Harry vs. He Who Shall Not Be Named is the overarching storyline, but each book has a specific subplot that starts and ends in that one book in the series.  Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series is amazing example for adults. An ongoing saga that does not conclude until the end of the series, but each book representing a new challenge for the characters. 

Regardless of which type of series you love to love…to me, there’s nothing better than diving in and enjoying amazing characters for many, many books.  

Happy reading! 

~ Susan

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