Port Hope Public Library - Port Hope Branch

Request for Local History and Genealogy Information

Request for Local History and Genealogy Information

Port Hope Public Library is pleased to accept requests for information sent from anywhere in the world. To accommodate your requirements, we offer two levels of research for local history and genealogy requests:

  • Simple search service
    If you would like a specific piece of information researched, we can do that for a pre-paid fee of $5.00 per item. Your request must have accurate information and involve very little searching on our part to fall into this category. For example, a request for a copy of a vital statistic, such as a birth, death, or marriage announcement from a newspaper, must include the person’s name, relevant date(s), and page/column number
  • Complex search service
    If you require a more in-depth search, the fee is $30.00 per hour, regardless of the outcome. Transcripts of each search result will be forwarded to you

You may send requests:

  • by email
  • or by mail to
    Port Hope Public Library
    31 Queen Street, Port Hope, Ontario, CANADA L1A 2Y8

Please Include:

  • Your name, telephone number, and email or mailing address
  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope if you are requesting printed copies
  • A cheque or money order, payable to Port Hope Public Library, for the amount of $5.00 per item
    if you are requesting a simple search
  • As much information as you can about the subject you are researching

Summary of fees:

  • Computer printouts or photocopies - $0.25/page or colour $0.50/page
  • Simple search service - $5.00 per item, pre-paid
  • Complex search - $30.00 per hour, regardless of outcome, minimum charge of $30.00