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Room rentals

Room rentals

Our Program Room is available to rent

Hold your next meeting or seminar at the Port Hope Public Library! The Library offers its fully-equipped Program Room at the Mary J. Benson Branch for rental. It's bright and airy for daytime events, quiet and private for evening meetings. Payment is made day of, on-site with either cash, cheque or debit. Publicity material must be submitted to the library for review prior to distribution.

Program Room:

  • high-speed wireless Internet access
  • large white board
  • LCD projector
  • coffee urn;
  • a capacity for 59 people.

Room rental rates:
$35.00/hour during Library hours
$40.00/hour after Library hours

*Equipment rental rates:
Flip-chart with paper - $10.00
White board with computer OR DVD/VCR player - $20.00
White board with computer AND DVD/VCR player - $30.00
LCD projector with our without computer - $25.00

Library parking lot spaces are reserved for library patrons only. Free municipal parking is available for program room attendees within close walking proximity to the Library. Free street parking is available after 6 p.m. on weekdays as well as on Saturdays and Sundays.

Room Inquires

It is necessary with all room rentals that the renter has read the Rental Use Policy and accepted the terms and conditions. Download Rental Use Policy PDF or read the policy below:

Rental Use Policy

MANUAL: Public Relations



APPROVED BY: Port Hope Public Library Board

DATE APPROVED: May 19, 2004

DATE REVISED: September 14, 2015






Policy Statement


Port Hope Public Library program room brings together the resources of the library and activities of the community. Although the program room is used primarily for library purposes space will be provided as available for meetings of residents, cultural and educational groups and community organizations in order to foster community connections within the Municipality of Port Hope.

The terms and conditions of use outlined below have been developed to ensure consistent and fair use of the space. All rentals are subject to the terms defined by this policy.

General Guidelines


  1. The user shall complete and sign the Port Hope Public Library Program Room Rental Contract acknowledging acceptance of the terms and conditions and the requirements of the room rental policy. The countersigning by Port Hope Public Library authorized personnel confirms the reservation/booking.
  1. The Port Hope Public Library reserves the right to refuse reservations, limit frequency of use and cancel bookings. Failure to comply with Port Hope Public Library policies, guidelines and directives as outlined in this policy may result in cancellation or limitation of future use.
  1. In addition to the general rules and policies respecting the use of the library, the Port Hope Public Library prohibits use of its program room for any purposes which would contravene federal, provincial or municipal legislation and regulations including the Human Rights Code of Ontario.  Groups using the facility may not limit attendance on the basis of race, colour, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability as defined by the Constitution Act, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 1982.
  1. The user assumes responsibility for the conduct and supervision of all persons attending the event. Any person who fails to follow library policies governing safety, security and general use of the facility may be requested to leave the library premises.
  1. Metered parking is available along Queen Street and at select free of charge lots in the downtown core. Free street parking is available after 6 p.m. on weekdays as well as on Saturdays and Sundays. The parking lot adjacent to the Mary J. Benson Branch is designated for library patrons only.
  1. The Port Hope Public Library Board will establish and periodically review room rental fees.   

Conditions of Use


  1. Use of the program room by a group or organization does not constitute endorsement of that group’s policies or beliefs by the Port Hope Public Library Board. Promotional materials must not imply or suggest that the Library is endorsing the program and must contain the following disclaimer: “This program is not sponsored by the Port Hope Public Library and the Library takes no responsibility for its content”.  All publicity material must be submitted to the library for review prior to distribution. The room rental will be considered tentative until all publicity material has been reviewed and approved. Once approved final confirmation of the room rental will be given.
  1. The program room is not available for rentals on closed days and holidays. Bookings should allow sufficient time for set-up and take-down by the users.  Program room rental after regular library hours of operation will involve an additional fee.  The user will be invoiced for the room rental and any further charges following the date of rental.
  1. All municipal by-laws including smoke-free by-laws and fire regulations shall be observed at all times. The maximum occupancy of 59 for the room as per Ontario Fire Code shall not be exceeded by the user. Cooking and use of open flame are not permitted.  Alcohol consumption is not permitted without a valid licence and approval of the Port Hope Public Library.
  1. In case of a fire alarm or other emergency it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all occupants of the program room exit the building following the designated emergency plan.  Emergency exits must not be blocked. Re-entry to the building is permitted only on the authorization of emergency personnel.
  1. The user is responsible for leaving the program room in an orderly fashion and will be billed for any cost incurred in the cleaning or repairing of the room or any other property of the Library Board caused by or resulting from the user’s rental of the program room. The user will be required to indemnify the Port Hope Public Library Board against any or all claims which may arise out of granting the use of this facility.
  1. Room rental doesn’t constitute use of any other library equipment or provide access to library display or service space. Any additional requirements must be approved by the Port Hope Public Library prior to the date of the reservation.

To inquire about room availability on the date to suit your needs, please complete the below form. We will be in-touch with you through email, so please provide a valid email address. 

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