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Zoom Book Club August Meetup

Zoom Book Club August Meetup

Tuesday, August 10
1:00pm to 2:00pm
Mary J. Benson Branch

Zoom Book Club Meetup!

Tuesday August 10 at 1pm 

Calling all book club members! Reading a mystery by Martin Walker. Contact the Library for one of his novels or request one online.

From Penguin Books...The delightful, internationally acclaimed series featuring Bruno, Chief of Police by author Martin Walker.

Benoît Courrèges, aka Bruno, is a former soldier turned policeman, who has embraced the pleasures and slow rhythms of country life in the idyllic village of St. Denis in the South of France. But a series of murders, intrigues, and other crimes soon interrupt his peace and quiet. In the Mystery of the French Countryside novels, Bruno must balance his beloved routines—living in his restored shepherd’s cottage, shopping at the local market, drinking wine—with his thrilling detective duties.

Contact Alison for more information.