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Social Justice Group for Youth

Social Justice Group for Youth

Mary J. Benson Branch

Social Justice Group for Youth

Mondays, August 8 & 22, 11 AM @ MJB Branch

Join Alyssa (Lyss) Warmland, an interdisciplinary artist and activist, for a special four-part series for youth ages 15 - 18.  Session topics: July 4: Diversity and Intersectionality; July 18: Gender and Expression; August 8: Accessibility and Disability; August 22: Activism 101

Accessibility and disability (Monday, August 8)
This week, the group will discuss the concepts of accessibility and disability. We will explore questions including:
- What is disability? What might it look like? - What is ableism and what can it look like? - What does accessibility mean? What might it look like? - How can we make our communities and events more accessible for more people? - How do we navigate conflicting accessibility needs? and more...

Volunteer hours will be given to participants but you have to pre-register for the sessions with Lisa