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Free Afternoon Movie

Free Afternoon Movie

Tuesday, March 27
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Mary J. Benson Branch

Free Afternoon Movies - A LITTLE MIRTH AT THE MOVIES

March 27      Some Like It Hot (1959) 2 hr 1 minute

When Chicago musicians Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) witness the St. Valentine’s Day massacre, they’re desperate to get away from the gangster responsible, Spats Colombo (George Raft). Needing a gig out of town, the only job they know of is in an all-girl band heading to Florida. They show up at the train station as replacement saxophone and bass players Josephine and Daphne, and enjoy being around the girls, especially Sugar Kane Kowalczyk (Marilyn Monroe) who sings and plays the ukulele. Joe sets out to woo her, while Jerry/Daphne is wooed by a millionaire, Osgood Fielding III (Joe E. Brown). Mayhem ensues as Joe and Jerry try to keep their identities hidden—and Spats Colombo and his gang show up for a meeting with other crime lords.

Won an Oscar and 9 other awards, scoring many more nominations. When Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon first put on the female make-up and costumes, they walked around the Goldwyn Studios lot to see if they could pass as women. Then they tried using mirrors in public ladies’ rooms to fix their makeup, and when none of the women using it complained, they knew they could be convincing as women. There’s a scene on the train recreating this moment.