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Free Afternoon Movie

Free Afternoon Movie

Tuesday, October 16
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Mary J. Benson Branch

Spooky Tyme

October 16         CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON   (1954)    1 hr and 19 min.

A scientific expedition searching for fossils along the Amazon River discovers a prehistoric Gill-Man [Ricou Browning when in water, Ben Chapman when on land] in the legendary Black Lagoon. The explorers capture the mysterious creature, but it breaks free. The Gill-Man returns to kidnap the lovely Kay [Julie Adams], fiancée of one in the expedition, with whom it has fallen in love.

The Creature's appearance was based on old seventeenth-century woodcuts of two bizarre imaginary creatures called the Sea Monk and the Sea Bishop. The Creature's final head was based on that of the Sea Monk, but the original discarded head was based on that of the Sea Bishop.