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Free Afternoon Movies

Free Afternoon Movies

Tuesday, December 18
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Mary J. Benson Branch

Holiday Time

December 18     BEYOND CHRISTMAS      (1940)    1 hr and 19 min.

Melton [Harry Carey], Chadwick [C. Aubrey Smith] and O'Brien [Charles Winninger], rich but lonely heads of an engineering firm, invite three strangers to dinner on Christmas Eve. Only two show up, James [Richard Carlson] and Jean [Jean Parker], they fall in love and become friends with their three benefactors...until the latter are killed in a plane crash and come back to their old home as ghosts. In the coming months, true love encounters some rough spots; can ghostly O'Brien help the young folks?

First released (in black and white) in 1940 as Beyond Tomorrow. One of the rare handful of movies that has fallen out of copyright and into the public domain.